We are in stores and have officially found our way to a retail shelf inside our of our favorite, local stores- Shores Meat Shoppe. They are currently stocking 12oz bags and exclusive 2oz sample bags of our Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala coffees.

Next time you’re passing through the east side near Grosse Pointe or St Clair Shores, be sure to give them a visit! Did I mention that also have delicious meats?! Our go-to would have to be the Porterhouse steak. We had this a few weeks back and it had unbelievable flavor. It cooked up so nicely on our grill. They also have fresh produce, seasonings and other complimentary products for your outdoor grilling!

Let us know if you’d like to see us there in the near future for a sampling!

Shores Meat Shoppe

We are in stores at Shores Meat Shoppe!

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