Taste the holidays!

Our 2023 Holiday Blend is ready for you! Take some of Lily & Willy’s fresh-roasted coffee with you to friends and family this holiday season! It’s the perfect stuffing for stockings! Buy your beans now!

This year’s seasonal coffee is a crafted blend of beans from Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Peru, creating a flavor profile of “sugar, spice and everything nice!” It’s a delightful, everyday coffee that can be enjoyed by connoisseurs and cream-and-sugar drinkers alike! The Costa Rican and Ethiopian beans create a berry-like profile balanced with cocoa, tart cherry and cranberry. As the cup cools, the Peruvian and Costa Rican profiles introduce citrus flavors with notes of baking spices. This cup can be enjoyed all the way through, whether you drink it in 10 minutes or enjoy it slowly.

Would you want to gift someone a 6-month or year long subscription of Lily & Willy’s Coffee? Send your request to lilywillycoffeeco@gmail.com

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