Sumatra – Aceh

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Sweet base flavors with earth-toned, herbal aromatics just beneath the surface, hints of fruit, rice syrup, woodsy spice, traces of tobacco, bittersweetness, and inky body.

This wet-hulled Aceh coffee is from a quality-savvy coffee collector named Aulia who buys in the districts of Bebesen and Kute Panang. Farms in these regions tend to span an altitude range of about 1300 to 1600 meters and are planted in older, long berry types (you’ll see the long, canoe shaped beans) Abysinnia, Ateng and Tim Tim. In the scheme of things, Aulia’s operation is quite small. He usually buys a few bags at a time, and then processes coffee with family at home. With small scale comes the capability for a high level of quality management, which he puts into all of the different process technics he employs (including full honey and dry process!). That extra care and attention given to quality control is apparent when you look at the green coffee, and of course in flavor too, both remarkably clean for a wet hulled coffee, though not without defects.

Another exemplary wet hulled coffee from Mr. Aulia, with intense rustic cup sweetness, and incredible depth of flavor. The dry fragrance produced earth-toned hints, a sweetness of molasses sweet bread, and bananas foster. The wet aroma included traces of tobacco and warming spice, and hints of rustic sweeteners pushed their way up in the steam. All that extra effort Aulia puts into quality control pays off in the brewed coffee. This dark roast has indelible bittersweet chocolate flavors that give way to hints of tarragon, black pepper, and a super inky body.


12oz, 3lb


Whole bean, Fine, Medium, Coarse