Kenya – Nyeri Peaberry


Nyeri Ichamama peaberry has a complex flavor compound, and fruits come through with certainty at a fairly wide roast range. Accents of grape, dried cranberry, rustic tamarind pods, and grabby orange acidity.

This coffee is from the Ichamama Factory, a washing station near Karima Hill in Nyeri. The station was named after the Ichamama river which flows near enough to the station to be the source of water for processing coffee. The station sits at about 1750 meters above sea level, and coffee is grown in the higher altitude areas surrounding it. This is the Peaberry outturn, a separation of all of the small round beans from the flat beans (traded as grades AA, AB, C, and others). We find that the Peaberries can be a bit more fruit-forward than the AA and AB grades, even when they’re all from the same process batch.

Ichamama peaberry has a complex flavor compound, and fruits come through with certainty. There are elements of fig bar and red fruits in the dry ground coffee, with spiced sugars. The wet aroma has more potent fruit and brown sugar smells, alluding to fruit fillings of blackberry and date. This coffee is tasting delicious, and another great example of just how well Kenyan coffees hold up over time (and Ethiopian coffees, for that matter). Our light roast extracts fruited accents of red grape, orange, and dried cranberry, culminating in a delicious fruited mix. It has a mouth-pleasing quality that’s highlighted by orange notes that are both juicy, and a little grabby, like citrus peel. The coffee shows its aromatic side as it cools, with a hint of mulling spice in the finish.

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Whole bean, Fine, Medium, Coarse