Nicaragua – Dipilto


Zesty lemon peel informs acidity, with barley malt syrup and caramel sweetness, hints of black tea, herbal bitters, earthy yellow tea, wood-spice aroma, and bittering cocoa.

The long, pointed shape of the Java coffee bean isn’t all that’s unique about this cultivar. They’re prized for often showing delicate cup flavors, sometimes citric, and even floral. This lot from San Salvador (Dipilto) brings some of these elements together with balanced core coffee flavors. It’s known for high cup quality, specifically exhibiting some of the tea-like, and even floral characteristics. Farmers of this coffee find regular placement in the Nicaraguan Cup of Excellence competitions.

The coffee produces smells of lemon peel amidst a barley malt-like sweetness that has an earth tone to it, with hints of dark brewed black tea, and bittering cocoa. Our light roast pulls out caramel and raw sugar sweets in the brew, with delicate hints and high tones. Aromatics in the finish showed show wood-spice elements, along with herbal bitters.

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Whole bean, Fine, Medium, Coarse