Who are Lily & Willy?


A company’s name is the foundation from which it will build its brand. Choosing a name can be tough. What’s the right name for something that’s just begun. Who are your customers? Should your name be area specific? Who will you target? Should it speak to your ethos? Who are you?

I came up with 15+ names, narrowed it to 5, then 2, then 3… but it was clear there was only 1 meaningful name. Our daughter Lily Claire and son William are the inspiration for our name. They are our motivation. And they’re in-training >:D

My wife Amanda and I handle operations. She is our Director of Digital Marketing & Social Engagement (inside joke). I purchase, roast and package the coffee. Lily Claire and William have gotten their feet wet in delivery.

We’ve been selling through social media and word of mouth. We’re growing to a website and hoping to bring you some more coffee products and swag!

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